Watch Now – From Vienna to Palestine – A Concert commemorating Hanna Chaikin, R.I.P.

A performance in honor of the late Hanna Chaikin, the mother of the orchestra’s CEO, Orit Fogel-Shafran.

The waltzes and the Viennese operetta emigrated to Tel Aviv of yore, manifested in the wonderful songs of the Kettle and Broom Theatres – Vilensky, Altermann, Titina etc…

During the concert, Viennese waltzes are interweaved with well-known Israeli hit songs. As always, we will not disappoint our English-speaking friends with some Beatles and songs from musicals.

Singers: Daniela Skorka, Goni Cnaani, Tsviki Levin

Conductor and host: David Sebba


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