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Raanana Symphonette Orchestra

History and Heritage

The orchestra was established in 1991 by the municipality of Raanana, bringing together musicians from the ex Soviet Union, as well as local young musicians, as part of the Raanana Municipality initiative, to provide work for the new Russian immigrants. In this regard, the Raanana Municipality had the full cooperation of the New Immigrants Assistance Center, established by the Ministry of Education, the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption.

Since its inception, the orchestra performs the classical core repertoire, as well as original Israeli works, thus enriching the Israeli heritage and providing a firm link between the multifacetedness of Jewish heritage, and the popular, up-to-date contemporary Israeli culture. The orchestra has commissioned over 80 works from renowned Israeli composers, such as Noam Sheriff, Gil Shohat, Omer M. Welber, Uri Vidislavski, Ella Milch-Sheriff ,Josef Bardanashvili, Daniel Shalit, Oren Lok, Ronen Shapira,  Ayal Adler, Aviyah Copelman and many more.  The orchestra is particularly concerned with heroic tales of the Righteous Among the Nations, as well as the music of Jewish artists who have perished during the holocaust. In 2007, the orchestra had reconstructed the tragic story of Alma, the violinist who led the women orchestra at Auschwitz.