COLORFOOD is an original art project created out of a passion for food and art.
The project was born in Tel Aviv, a city that is a rich culinary world, and was created together with the best local chefs in the country.
Everyone came up with an idea or inspiration that stemmed from their passions or feelings, fantasies or memories, disappointments or opinions, personal or global upheavals and translated them to different and varied visual worlds, but especially those that characterize the chef’s own private world.
The chefs momentarily abandoned the world of ingredients and plates and allowed themselves to venture into distant and creative worlds.
The out-of-the-plate venture broke boundaries and led to a fruitful collaboration between the creators and the chef and finally a surprising result.
From here, and naturally, COLORFOOD crossed the borders of Israel, since food and art are international and unifying languages.
From its first days as an exhibition in Tel Aviv-Yafo, COLORFOOD arrived at the kitchen of the best Itlaian chefs and to an exhibition in Expo Milan and from there COLORFOOD traveled to an exhibition at a photography festival in Velje, Denmark and further on at an exhibition in Marseilles, France.
“Colorfood Provence” was the next stop, where 12 works were created with French chefs and the exhibition was presented at the Intercontinental Hotel in Marseilles.
The Ecuadorian Embassy in Israel fell in love with the project and invited us to Ecuador where we created with local chefs and Ecuador’s ingredients.
In Israel, the project further moved on to other exhibitions: COLORFOOD WHITE, COLORFOOD WINE, COLORFOOD NAAMAN, COLORFOOD HAMAT and created a new artistic language that is currently taught in schools and food photography workshops in Israel.
For the current season of Raanana Symphonette orchestra, dedicated to the connection between culinary delights and classical music, the COLORFOOD project formed a connection with the orchestra to create something new and exciting inspired by the spectacular works played by the orchestra and its players and music directors.
Prior to this, the orchestra recorded 12 special works, each headed by a different player. The pieces inspired the carefully chosen chefs to present a culinary creation inspired by the works. Each chef chose a piece and color that characterizes the ingredients he used for culinary creation. The pieces were built against the background of the musicians’ hands with their instruments.
Participating chefs:
Haim Cohen, Naifa Mula, Assaf Seri, Edo Feiner, Nir Mesika, Moshiko Gamliel, Matan Avrahams, Meidan Siboni, Tomer Tal, Sabina Waldman, Michal Botton and Anna Shapira and Nissim Levi.
In the exhibition, viewers scanning a barcode next to the image will be able to see the player and hear the piece on their cell phone.
About the creator:
Dan Lev
One of the leading and veteran food photographers in Israel, a cook and culinary enthusiast, brings together the two worlds closest to his heart and expresses them through the COLORFOOD project. Dan, a photographer holding over 30 years of experience, photographs food in his Tel Aviv studio and hosts special dinners. He also presents exhibitions in Israel and around the world.

Producer and project partner:
Illit Engel
Partner in the initiative and the driving force behind the project from day one.

About Raanana Symphonette

The Raanana Symphonette Orchestra, which marks 30 years of activity, is unique in the world of classical music.

The orchestra advocates a diverse repertoire, which gives expression to a cultural range alongside cultivating the heritage of Jewish music. The uniqueness of Raanana Symphonette is reflected in the diverse audience it meets, from children who enjoy musical education through their parents to the older audience.

The orchestra’s Music Director Omar Meir Wellber, the General Manager, Orit Fogel-Shafran and the orchestra’s conductors Keren Kagarlitsky, David Sebba and Maya Brenner connect classical music to diverse audiences and different cultural spheres, and the current joint project with COLORFOOD is no exception.

A Series of Podcasts with the Raanana Symphonette conductors, David Sebba and Keren Kagarlitsky and the COLORFOOD Project chefs.