There is a Country – A Concert at Home

Raanana Symphonette in cooperation with Kan Kol HaMusica present:

There is a Country – A Live Concert at Home

Tuesday August the 25th at 20:00 at Kan Kol HaMusica radio station

Frequencies and channels: 97.2 | 91.3 | 103.7 | 98.5

Keren Kagarlitzky

Nitai Zori

Nahar Eliaz

And Ofri Brin


Shahar Regev: String Fantasy (5′)

Haydn: Cello Concerto in C Major    Soloist: Nahar Eliaz (25′)

Mendelssohn: String Symphony No. 10 in B minor (10′)

Schubert: Rondo for Violin and string orchestra   Soloist: Nitai Zori (14′)

Four songs   Soloist: Ofri Brin

Tchernichowsky / Naomi Shemer / Keren Kagarlitzky: “There is a Country” (3′)

Ofri Brin / Keren Kagarlitzky: “Tango” (3′)

Yaakov Sharet / Yosef Miloh / Yoni Rechter / Keren Kagarlitzky: “Jaffa is Sleeping” (4′)

Noam Horev / Keren Kagarlitzky: “The Middle” (4′)



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