The Symphonette on TV during the Holidays

We are pleased to update that we will appear on your TV sets during the holidays, on the Kan 11 channel.

Please see below the schedule:

September 19th 2020Sat23:15Along the Beach – A concert commemorating Ofra Haza. The life of Ofra Haza told in song, from the Tikva neighborhood to the Eurovision song contest, from Yemenite melodies to Disco and Hebrew songs, with Avihu Medina, Margalit Tsanani, David d’Or, Zvika Pick, Idan Yaniv, Keren Hadar and Galit Giat
September 28th 2020Mon22:50Those Were the Nights Encounters of top Israeli singers and songwriters. Songs by Orland and Zeira, Vilenski and Altermann. With Miri Mesika, Sasi Keshet, Ilanit, Keren Hadar, Hadar Atari, Galit Giat and Eli Gornstein.  
October 2nd 2020Fri23:40The Songs that Emigrated to Israel A substantial part of Israeli songs originated in foreign languages. Those songs were so well integrated that sometimes people think that they were born in Israel. Songs of youth movements, Ladino songs, hits from Greece, Turkey and France. With Haim Moshe, Miki Gavrilov, Roni Dalumi, Sasi Keshet, Galit Giat and Daniela Skorka.
October 3rd 2020Sat11:47The Songs that Emigrated to Israel
October 3rd 2020Sat00:22Those Were the Nights
October 9th 2020Fri23:00HaGashash HaHiver at the Opera The Gashashim Ensemble started as a singer trio, fresh out of the Roosters group. They performed and recorded many songs and the skits were a later addition. A tribute to a plethora of wonderful songs, from Naomi Shemer to the Phone Song etc. Performed by Boaz and Uri Banai, Yael Polyakov, Tuvia Tsafir, Miki Kam, Nitsa Shaul and the opera singers Yael Levita, Moran Abuloff, Tal Ganor, Yotam Cohen, Nimrod Grinboim and Yair Polishook.
October 10th 2020Sat09:20HaGashash HaHiver at the Opera
October 10th 2020Sat23:35This is My Land – Homage to Ehud Manor A tribute to the greatest Israeli songwriter, Ehud Manor, with Ricki Gal, Ariel Zilber, David d’Or, Kobi Aflalo, Ilanit, Adi Cohen, Corinne Allal and Nathan Dattner.  


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