The “green badge” at the Raanana Symphonette Orchestra

Please note – the Raanana Symphonette Orchestra meets the conditions of the green badge for receiving an audience according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health

• Tickets will be sold in advance by phone only, at 09-7457773.

• It will not be possible to sell tickets at the Raanana Music & Arts Center box office on the day of the concert.

• Admittance open to owners of the “green badge” only *:

Vaccinators – People who have completed 2 vaccine doses and have had at least a week after the second vaccine dose, and have a valid vaccination certificate

Recovering – Holders of a recovery certificate

* At this stage, children under the age of 16 will not be admitted – except for recovering children.

• Entrance to the hall by presenting a printed order confirmation or on the mobile phone

• Collection at the office box will be possible only in exceptional cases, for a customer who did not bring the printed certificate.

• Seating in the hall will be allowed for individuals or groups in such a way that at least one empty seat will be kept between each individual or group of people.

• A mask must be worn throughout the stay at the Raanana Music & Arts Center and during the concert inside the auditorium.

• The concerts will take place without an intermission.

• Entry and exit from the auditorium will be done through ushers and gradually in order to prevent a crowd, as follows:

Rows 1-6 – The entrance and exit to the auditorium from the main entrance.

Rows 7-12 – The entrance and exit to the auditorium from the upper entrance (1st floor).

• The instructions of the ushers and the general instructions must be obeyed at all times. 

* A green card certificate can be issued in the following ways:

Through the website of the Ministry of Health

Through the Ministry of Health hotline * 5400 / 08-6241010


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