When the Chef met the Orchestra: Symphonette Raanana Tastes the Classics

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When the Chef met the Orchestra

Symphonette Raanana Tastes the Classics

“Raanana Symphony” offers as part of the “Colorfood” project a multi-sensory and multi-dimensional experience of connecting the worlds of classical music and gourmet food

The connection between music and food is ancient and multidimensional, many composers and creators tried to tie several senses together into a combined experience, the Russian composer Alexander Scriabin tried to create a “mystery” – an experience of music, taste, smell and color, music played with a palette of colors and smells. Today we already know that music, food and love produce in the brain the same substances that are responsible for the feelings of pleasure and calmness and increase empathy.

Listen: The playing of the Raanana Symphony will inspire the creation of dishes by renowned chefs.

Many composers associated their work with flavors, Strauss wrote “Wine woman and song”, one of the most common instructions in music is “dolce” that is – to play sweetly. Prokofiev wrote about the Love for the Three Oranges, Bach wrote a Coffee Cantata, Mozart wrote a Champagne aria and Rossini was a chef and a foodie.

Orit Fogel-Shafran, CEO of Raanana Symphony: “In its 30th year, the orchestra chooses to offer a multi-sensory experience in which music stimulates and inspires chefs to create culinary works. From Russian ballet to American pop, from French cinema to Chinese concerto. “All these distant and different sounds, the different and varied musical languages, will be translated in the creative minds of the chefs into culinary works that will be inspired by the music.”

Create: Renowned Chefs create gourmet dishes inspired by Music

COLORFOOD is an original art project created out of a passion for food and art. The project was born in Tel Aviv, a city that is a rich culinary world, and was created together with the greatest local chefs in Israel. Everyone came up with an idea or inspiration that stemmed from their passions or feelings, fantasies or memories. The chefs momentarily abandoned the world of raw materials and plates, allowing themselves to venture into distant and creative worlds. The “exit from the plate” broke boundaries and led to a fruitful work between the creators and the chef, and let to surprising results.

After artistic collaborations with chefs at Expo Milan, the food photography festival at Vejle in Denmark, with chefs in Ecuador and COLORFOOD ventures in Marseille and Provence, France – the project returns to Tel Aviv with a collaboration with the Raanana Symphonette Orchestra and the world of Music. The orchestra has recorded 12 works, each led by a different player, which inspired the chosen chefs to create a culinary work. Each chef choose a piece and color that characterized the raw materials he used for the piece.

The following chefs collaborated as part of the COLORFOOD project: Haim Cohen, Naifa Mula, Matan Abrahams, Sabina Waldmann, Assaf Seri, Edo Feiner, Michal Botton and Anna Shapiro, Meidan Siboni, Nir Messika, Moshiko Gamlieli and Nissim Levi.

Creator: Dan Lev

One of the leading veteran food photographers in Israel, a chef and culinary enthusiast, who brings the two worlds closest to his heart and expresses the in the COLORFOOD project.

Dan, a photographer with over 30 years of experience, photographs food in his studio in Tel Aviv, and presents exhibitions in Israel and around the world.

Watch: The Musical gourmet dishes of the COLORFOOD project and Symphonette Raanana will be presented at the PHOTO IS:RAEL exhibition.

Dan Lev accompanied the orchestra’s playing and the creation of the chef’s dishes in the kitchen with artistic photography. The photos were constructed against the background of the musicians’ hands with their musical instruments printed in black and white, and will be displayed as part of the international photography project at Beit Daniel in Hayarkon St. Visitors at the exhibition will scan a barcode next to the picture and will be able to see the player and hear the piece on their mobile phone, turning the connection between music, player and chef into a moving, multi-dimensional experience.

Taste: Isrotel ClassiCameri Fesitval in Eilat offers a selection from the project which will involve all senses

The Isrotel ClassiCameri Festival, which will be held in December in Eilat, will host renowned international and Israeli musicians this year. Daniel Ciobanu from Romania, winner of the Rubinstein competition, the Turkish tenor with the diamond voice Mert Süngü will sing favorite arias along with authentic Turkish repertoire. A special chamber concerts with violinist Asi Matathias and pianist Victor Stanislavsky opens the festival. Along with the multidisciplinary singer Keren Hadar, the Eurovision-winning French singer, Anne-Marie David, will also take part in the festival. The charismatic Israeli pianist Tal Haim Samnon and of course the orchestra’s leading violinist, Nitai Zori and the regular conductors of the Raanana Symphonette, David Sebba and Keren Kagarlitsky, who will be joined by the young Israeli conductor Rotem Nir. A festive gala concert starring Miki Gavrielov seals off the festival.

For the first time in Israel, a symphony orchestra will connect gastronomy with classical music in a unique event – When the Chef meets the Orchestra, which will present the joint collaboration with COLORFOOD project led by Dan Lev along with the Royal Beach Hotel Chef, Nissim Levi. They will present the culinary works inspired by the orchestra. The unique blend of the festival will allow the audience to enjoy programs of classical music, presented by the best conductors and soloists from around the globe and concurrently – enjoy a range of musical delicacies from Israeli and world renowned performers of popular music

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