The 24th Isrotel ClassiCameri Festival, 19-22.1.23

We are happy and excited to once again renew the annual festival between the sea and the desert, the Isrotel ClassiCameri Festival, which will host again well-known international and Israeli musicians.

Eminent artists include:  the Italian tenor Giorgio Berrugi with the unique voice operns the festival and closes it along with Tali Ketzef, the Israeli soprano with the crystalline voice, and Shachar Lavi, the virtuoso mezzo-soprano currently active in Europe, in a concert combining opera and light music conducted by David Sebba.

M Stabat Mater, original choreography by Inbal Oshman based on Pergolesi’s subtle music, Yasmin Levy in an evening of Ladino songs, an audiovisual musical performance that explains and demonstrates the Teremin, a musical instrument that uses electromagnetic rays, the conductor Ido Arad with the young and charismatic violonist Michael Sahaham, as well as with the young Israeli pianist Lior Lifshitz, the conductor Rotem Nir together with the clarinet Yonatan Hadas and the leading violinist of the orchestra, Nitai Tzori, the international duo Asi Matathias (violin) and Victor Stanislavsky (piano) and the multidisciplinary pianist Guy Mintus in an intimate performance with the singer Naama Nachum. Discover further surprises with the female Doo-Wop Girls trio with American and Israeli gold hits, the Tomboys trio (soprano, clarinet and accordion) with a selection of French classics, the multidisciplinary singer Anna Spitz and much more.

The concerts will take place in the large and magnificent Isrotel Theater, with the exception of two chamber concerts at the iCAFE in the Royal Garden Hotel on Friday and Saturday mornings.

*Prices include free entry to all the concerts and a 3-night stay.

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