Singing Independence

Dear Audience,

This week marked Holocaust and Heroic Remembrance Day, with an exciting film documenting the Raanana Symphonette concert dedicated to Galicia's last Klezmer, Leopold Kozlowski, who passed away a year ago. He was invited to a concert conducted by David Sebba and even played in it, the documentation of the meeting and concert went online for the first time this week:

Facing Israel's 72nd Independence Day, the music goes on. This time, as promised - we sing as well on Independence Day.

We invite you to the Raanana Symphonette "Singing Independence" show with the Israeli Opera, broadcast to you at home

Wednesday the 29.4 at 12 pm on the Facebook and YouTube pages of the orchestra and the opera and simultaneously in "The Voice of Music" and "Hot".

The program features the Israeli Opera Soloists: Tal Ganor, Goni Canaani, Daniella Skorka and Anat Czarny accompanied by Raanana Symphonette  and its conductor in residence, David Sebba. They will perform some of the best known and loved Israeli songs.

Happy and Musical Independence Day!