Safe shore

Concerto for a Refugee and an Orchestra

A fascinating co-production between Raanana Symphonette and the 360 Festival in Jerusalem

A piece written especially for the festival by author and actress Maya Buenos, conductor Keren Kagarlitsky and composer Daniel Fine.

The show “Safe Shore” – Concerto for a Refugee and an Orchestra, is a theatrical and musical concert focusing on the experience of being a refugee and an asylum seeker. The show was created with the notion of the power, as well as the responsibly, of art and culture to create ripples of change and to promote the public discourse regarding the refugee phenomena in the global aspect as well as the local context. 

About the show

In September 2015, the body of the three-year-old Syrian infant, Alan Kurdi, was washed up on the shores of Turkey and represented the crying out of the horrors of the war in Syria and the world's indifference towards it. The pictures of refugees standing at the gates of a country seeking asylum have been appearing repeatedly in recent years, and raised difficult questions about morality, responsibility and humanity. However, the cry of Alan Kurdi's body, like the cry of refugees seeking asylum, remains unanswered.

The theatrical and musical show “Safe Shore” – Concerto for a Refugee and an Orchestra, brings to the stage of the Tower of David in Jerusalem those journeys of escape, while dealing especially with that moment in front of the gate, the longing for shelter and in many cases the rejection. In this historic and mythological space, 18 members of the Ra’anana Symphonette Orchestra create a boat wishing to reach shelter but is not answered. Throughout the performative boat, 5 actors play refugees who stand repeatedly at the gate. The show follows real stories, such as refugees from Syria, Darfur and more, and is based on research and documentary materials.

By creating a theatrical, historical and musical axis, we wish to connect the stories of refugees from all over the world in their core – the asylum request and its rejection. We believe that this show has the power to awaken the collective memory of what the Israeli public seems to have forgotten – the experience of seeking asylum.

The show is produced in cooperation with Lapid Center for Art & Law (CIC) – a platform for creative opportunities for change.

Thursday 15.8.19 at 21:00

Tower of David, Jerusalem

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Creator: Maya Buenos// Conductor: Keren Kagarlitksy// Dramaturgy: Kfir Lapid-Mish'al// Artistic Coordination: Einat Ashdot// Composer: Daniel Fine// Choreography: Shay Kessel 

With the participation of: Matan Or Yami, Zohar Badash, Sigal Chameides, Shahar Ifhar, Zlil Rubinstein and the Raanana Symphonette

The story of Mrs Himler by kind permission of Prof. Ofira Henig.