A la Rossini

Raanana Symphonette in Rosh Ha'ayin

Raanana Symphonette Orchestra conducted by David Sebba

with young opera soloists

A first rate concert which includes plots and intrigues, recipes and favourite pieces by Rossini, in an evening of laughter and excitement, conducted and narrated by Dabid Sebba, with opera soloists and directed by Shirit Lee-Weiss.

Two singers, a cellist, a bass blayer and a clarinet player are the sous-chefs in Rossini's joyful kitchen. The chef is David Sebba, who is responsible for a dinner in which the dishes are inspired by the master of music and cuisine, Gioacchino Rossini.

The program features the Italian Girl in Algiers, The Thieveing Magpie, Wilhelm Tell, Sins of Old Age etc.

Wednesday, 10.4 at 20:30

Rosh Ha'ayin Conservatory

9 Zechariya Moshe St., Rosh Ha'ayin


Box office phone: 03-9014527