A Family Affair

The 2019-2020 Concert Season - Soon

The Raanana Symphonette Orchestra's 2019-2020 Concert Season is all about family connections.

Subscriptions begin on 24/6/2019

A Family Affair is the theme of the new subscription series in Raanana Symphonette Orchestra, in which concerts will be performed from various surprising, fascinating and touching perspectives regarding family ties: the performers onstage, the composers and the various concert subjects. A Family Affair expresses the artistic conception of the Raanana Symphonette Orchestra, according to which music is an excellent instrument of expression of tradition, history, musical encounters and is a harbinger of excellence in Israeli culture.

"All the happy families are alike, but each unhappy family is miserable in its own way" - Tolstoy's famous sentence that opens the book Anna Karenina is the theme and framework for the upcoming season of the Raanana Symphonette Orchestra. The two parts of the quote are the names of the opening concert and the closing concert of the fascinating season of the Raanana Symphonette, which will begin in October 2019. The final concert of the year will be conducted by the orchestra's musical director, Maestro Omer M. Wellber with a battery of sdistinguished international soloists who will sing arias and duets from Tchaikovsky's wonderful opera, Eugene Onegin.

The families will be in various and fascinating angles – concerts narrating various families of well-known composers and and actual families of performers who will share the stage. Furthermore, expect some surprising angles, such as the story of Rosalind Franklin, who studied the DNA structure.

The famous musical triangle of Robert Schumann, his wife Clara and their close friend, the young Johannes Brahms, opens "Family Affair" season at the Raanana Symphonette. The opening concert will be led by the conductor Keren Kgarlitsky, and will be accompanied by readings from letters written by Brahms and Schumann by actress Efrat Ben-Yaakov.

The Yablonskys - Pianist Oxana Yablonskaya and her son, cellist Dmitry Yablonski, conducted by Gil Shohat will be at the center of the second concert and will present a romantic program featuring works by Schubert, Bizet and Beethoven.

The Reuvens - mandolin player Jacob Reuven, his wife, the Spanish mandolin player Mari Carmen Simon, and his brother Ohad Reuven on the accordion will perform in a concert featuring a repertoire that begins with Russian music, arranged by Yevgeny Levitas and ends in Beethoven.

The Shahams – Violinist Haggai Shaham will host his children: Michael Shaham on the violin, Noga Shaham on the Viola and Naomi Shaham on the double bass. The Shaham family features three prodigies already leading a prosperous career each in their own right. The concert will be conductedby the renowned German conductor Eckhart Stier, in his debut performance at the Raanana Symphonette.

The Zoris - Another exciting family meeting at the Raanana Symphonette. The orchestra's leading violinist, Nitai Zori, will play the viola this time and will host his twin brother, cellist Hillel Zori and his sister, the violinist Carmit Zori, for a varied concert led by the orchestra's artistic director, Omer M. Wellber.

The Karnis - Gilad Karni, one of the world's most renowned viola players and his son Gerald Karni, also playing the viola - will perform together with the young and sought-after English conductor Ben Glassberg, in his first performance at the Raanana Symphonette, in a program encompassing three hundred years.

The particle responsible for all of our family relationships, DNA, will be presented through the fascinating story of DNA researcher Rosalind Franklin, who was anonymous in her life and was awarded the Nobel Prize after her death. The musical monodrama by playwright and actress Maya Buenos is a biography sketched in sounds between an actress and an orchestra.

For the New Year, the Raanana Symphonette will perform an exciting tribute to the French cinema and to the women and men who filled our lives with beauty, charisma and passion. To the conductor David Sebba and the singers Anat Czarny and Zviki Levin, joins the wonderful guitarist Liat Cohen, who collaborated with the film composer Michel Legrand.

Family and tradition are expressed in a surprising and moving concert that connects the Jewish spiritual heritage with the classical symphonic tradition. In the concert "Cantors in Jeans," Ophir Sobol will introduce onstage guests standing in between these two worlds.

A special collaboration between the Israeli Opera and the Raanana Symphonette, with the participation of the soloists of the Meitar studio, will bring forth the "Hilde's Truth" which outlines the fascinating career of the Austrian-Israeli-Jewish opera singer Hilde Zadek. From her birth on the Polish-German border, through the beginning of her glorious career in Germany, her flight to Jerusalem with the rise of the Nazis, and her return as a star to the world's greatest opera theaters after the war.

The Ra'anana Symphonette family is excited to share with our audience the beautiful family encounters which will crown the 2019-2020 Concert Season.