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The Raanana Symphonette proudly parades the Israeli talents thriving on the international musical sphere, in every possible role – from leading players in world renowned orchestras, through young and charismatic conductors, to soloists appearing on the world's greatest stages.

Raanana Symphonette wishes you a season brimming with surprises and moving and colorful encounters.

In the Raanana Symphonette Orchestra's 26th Season, its Musical Director, Omer M. Wellber, reinforces its committment to classical musical tradition, throughout the centuries, and in parallel, fidelity to rich Jewish musical traditions, alongside world music, poetry etc. Within these musical endeavors, the orchestra deploys a wide array of styles, the familiar and lovable, as well as the new and exciting.

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Full Price1100 ₪850 ₪780 ₪690 ₪530 ₪
Pensioners870 ₪680 ₪630 ₪550 ₪530 ₪
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